Who We Are

An introduction.

The Search for the Perfect Puzzle

Chess Puzzler is a new, exciting, experimental project harnessing the power of a custom built generative AI on a search through chess for the perfect puzzle. Unlike conventional chess puzzles, which often emerge through real chess play, our AI finds puzzles by searching through randomly generated, legitimate chess positions. The resulting puzzles are more unqiue, interesting and fun than their classical counterparts.

Mate in 6 for white, discovered by our generative AI.

Evolving Chess

The algorithm behind our puzzles employs techniques inspired by evolution, combined with machine learning, to evolve chess positions. At a relatively low cost we've been able to generate and host almost an unlimited number of puzzles. As a result, by evolving chess, we can provide our users as many puzzles as they wish for free.

Moving Forwards

This is just the beggining. In the coming months the AI will be refined, puzzles improved further and more game modes and features will be added to the website. Chess Puzzler is a passion project built by a single developer. If you are interested in supporting the project, have any feedback, or just wish to get in contact then you can get a hold of me here: besoftware.contact@gmail.com. I hope you enjoy the puzzles!